Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poetry Writers' Workshop

Longfellow Reads Longfellow

Longfellow reads Longfellow

The great works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, read by Layne Longfellow in historical settings.

Lecture Theatre, Inc.

Lecture Theatre

Lecture Theatre (sm) - two decades of presentations to corporate and association audiences internationally.

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"How to Succeed Against Adversity - Perseverance, Insurance and Purpose"

Dr. Longfellow suffered injuries that forced his retirement. This excerpts the story of how he came back to work and to the world.

The entire 90 min. talk is available on DVD - An Evening with Longfellow

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Writers' Workshop

Writers' Workshop

Preparing Writers for the Public Reading of Their Wo


Films, Books, Essays and More

Psychology Today games, a children’s book, essays, DVDs and films narrated by Layne Longfellow…and more.

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Longfellow Store

Longfellow Store

Shop all of the works of
Dr. Layne Longfellow.
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