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Tracks of An Eclectic Life

"One highlight was an “Out Beyond Ideas” performance with friend and wonderful poetry reader Layne Longfellow.  He brought more to those poems than I dreamed possible. Layne is an artist in so many ways; it seems his life is a work of art.  He takes such care with everything he creates. Seeing his home was inspiring; it didn't have a grand façade; it was finely crafted and perfectly orderly, but not in the confining way of a picture from a catalogue.  The order that shaped it was artistic.  It wasn't obeying something from outside, but rather something from inside.  Everywhere you looked there was a work of art or a well-placed object that held a story from his adventures or the people he has known.  The whole place spoke of a life well-lived."

----David Wilcox (April 2006 blog) click here to visit the David Wilcox website

Media Coverage

Articles and other media coverage
of Dr. Layne Longfellow

World Book Article on The Prescott Experiment

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Narrated by
Dr. Layne Longfellow

The Story of the Acadians Film

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Works written by
Dr. Layne Longfellow.

Expose Magazine Columns

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Performed by
Dr. Layne Longfellow

Deck the Halls with Buddy Holly

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Fine art posters of the artwork as seen in Visual Feast

fine Art Posters from the book Visual Feast

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Developed in part by
Dr. Layne Longfellow

Feel Wheel Game

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Books writen by
Dr. Layne Longfellow

Imaginary Menagerie Children's Book

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