Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poetry
Dreams that Cannot Die

Listening is a magnetic and strange thing,
a creative force.

—Karl Menninger

The CD contains the following eighteen poems; total running time is 50' 29". Click on the links below to hear an audio clip from each poem. Send us an email with your reactions. We'd like to hear from you.

  The Song of Hiawatha
  The Fire of Drift-Wood
    The Castle-Builder
      The Quadroon Girl
        The Children's Hour
      The Cross of Snow
    The Tides
  My Lost Youth
  Mezzo Cammin
  Sonnet 1 (Preface to Dante's Inferno)
  The Slave's Dream
    Sonnet 4 (Preface to Dante's Purgatorio)
      Three Friends of Mine
  Tales of a Wayside Inn
  The Broken Oar
The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls
The Meeting





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