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The Course Summary:
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Feeling Into Words

Writing for the Page, Reading for the Ear
Writing in Private, Reading in Public

This workshop springs from a rejoinder by Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate of the United States:

“Audiences teach you the difference between what reads well on the page and what reads well to the ear.”

He said this in a reading at Harvard, having been “accused” by an audience member of not reading his poems exactly the way he had published them.

And so to our first homework assignment:

  • We'll each do a self-Introduction, via a 60-90 second reading of a piece of our own writing that speaks from our "voice."

Each participant offers, to each participant, responses written on two index cards:

  • One card -- Don’t change this for anything
  • Second card -- Consider this change

Time for digestion of feedback privately, then rereading, incorporating suggestions. .....


  • Let no emphasis that we have placed on delivery and style subvert this principle: Delivery is always in service of content. 
  • The best speaker is the unslick, unsmooth, nonprofessional who loves the material and is at one with that material - the sincere, unpolished authority.
  • This puts the attention on the material being delivered, not on the delivery of the material. 
  • Delivery is always in service of content.

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