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Participant Instructions - Pre-Workshop

Feeling into Words

Writing for the Page, Reading for the Ear
Writing in Private, Reading in Public

What you need to bring:
Paper, pen and pencil for note taking.

Assignments to be completed before the workshop:

  • Be prepared to read to the group a 60-90 second sample of your writing; choose a section that most closely represents your "voice."
  • Be prepared to read (not recite), as you think it should be interpreted, either:

    H W Longfellow's "It Is Not Always May" or
    Billy Collins' "No Time."

Choose that which better suits your style.

Prepare a five-minute program of your choice:

  • A reading of your own material or that of others, with commentary on your technique and style of reading;
  • A presentation, with your commentary, of a pre-recorded reading, which could be an audio-book or a  recorded author’s reading, live-audience or studio. (A live-audience author’s reading is preferred.)

Also: Before you arrive, read again:

  • Molly Bloom’s soliloquy, from James Joyce’s Ulysses.;
    begin with “…who was the first person…”, pp. 782-783 in the Vintage Books edition.


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