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Participant Response

Hassayampa Institute for Creative Writing
1100 East Sheldon Street, Prescott, AZ 86303
(928) 717-7602 – fax (928) 776-2082
email ycscwi (at)

November 1, 2007

RE: Layne Longfellow

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with pleasure that we recommend Layne Longfellow’s “Feeling into Words” workshops for writers.

In July, 2007, Mr. Longfellow provided a four-hour workshop for a group of twelve participants at the beginning of our 2007 Hassayampa Institute for Creative Writing. The purpose of the workshop was to help writers to render their work orally in the most meaningful way so that an
audience would gain the full potency of the writing. A number of students mentioned that they’d like to see a longer, perhaps even week-long (15 hour) workshop on the same topic.

The evaluations from Mr. Longfellow’s participants were overwhelmingly positive. Following are several participant comments which speak to the excellence of his class.

  • Layne created a “practical and non-threatening environment” where “one never felt inferior, threatened . . . “ He has “mastered the art and science of learner-centered instruction. I would take this workshop again anytime and will recommend it to workshop organizers in my region.”
  • “Layne Longfellow was an excellent instructor; well prepared, knowledgeable and kind to tender egos. His class should be an elective ‘requirement’ for those hoping to be better presenters of their own work. I hope the college includes Layne Longfellow in future
    programs and classes.”
  • “I found Layne to be a gentle and caring instructor who knows what he is talking about...I enjoyed the class and came away with something to use.”
  • “Layne is very skillful in dealing with a wide range of experience within the group, and all the feedback was handled in a positive fashion.”
  • “This was the most useful workshop I have taken as an intermediate level writer.”

Needless to say, we believe that Layne Longfellow provides a unique and valuable experience to writers who want to read their work with the greatest power.

If you would like any additional information from us, please feel free to contact either one or both of us with the email addresses and phone numbers below.


Susan Lang, Director
slang2 (at )
Nancy Owen Nelson, Asst. Director
nancy_nelson (at)

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